Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 8. 'Hexiom connect'

My eight game...

Wikipedia don't say nothin'

I basically did this game out of shear boredom...
Kongregate is offline for a little while, but they leave one game up for you to play, and this was it, i was trying to figure out what game to do for my blog and this one shall work fine.

This is a strategy game, of basically pipe-work, move em' into the right position, win the level...that's easy right?

I enjoy it, and it served its purpose as a 'boredom freer'

I don't have a link to this game, because Kongregate was down, but defiantly look it up...

I give this game an overall rating of '5'

"He-he new chart....is nice no?

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