Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 5. 'True Crime: New York City'

My fifth game is 'True Crime: New York City- Collectors Edition'

Wikipedia says: "True Crime: New York City is an urban action-adventure video game published by Activision and developed by Luxoflux for the Xbox,PlayStation 2, and GameCube consoles and Windows based computers. It is the second game of the True Crime series, released afterTrue Crime: Streets of LA. As of February 2011, the Xbox 360 is not backwards compatible with the Xbox version of the game.


Marcus Reed is a gang member who inherited his incarcerated father's criminal empire in New York City. Several years later, Reed is betrayed by a friend and assumed dead after an ambush. Covered in blood and injured, Reed shows up unexpectedly at the traitor's house to exact revenge. After a bloody, running gunfight with gang members, Reed corners the betrayer in a building basement and guns him down. Dropping his empty Uzi, Reed is almost shot and killed by another gang member, but an NYPD detective named Terry Higgins (Mickey Rourke) saves him.
Isaiah Reed (Marcus' father) and Higgins have been friends for a long time. Higgins tells Reed he should be ashamed of the level he's sunk to. Although Reed willingly offers to allow Higgins to arrest him, Higgins refuses. He says he's going to cover up Reed's involvement in the shoot-out, but this will be his final chance to clean up his act before he's left to the mercy of the NYPD. Reed agrees, and shuffles off to tend to his injuries. As he does so, Higgins sighs and says, "Merry Christmas."
Five years later, Marcus Reed is now an officer of the NYPD, having worked the beat for four years to become one of the precinct's best street cops with Higgins' mentoring and guidance. At the urging of Higgins, he applies to test for his detective's badge and a transfer to the Organized Crime Unit. After passing the test with flying colors, the head detective does not believe he is ready so Terry takes Reed out for a few basics, afterwards Reed and Higgins go to visit Reed's father in jail. The visit is cut short by a phone call to Higgins. A contact for a case he's working on has called a meeting in another part of town. Marcus Reed and Higgins hurry to the contact point. Before getting out of the car, Higgins instructs Reed to come in guns blazing if he's gone for too long. As Higgins walks into the building with a briefcase, Reed leans over to pick up some of Higgins' cigarettes that have fallen out of the glove box, and suddenly, a massive explosion sends the unmarked squad car flying through the air.
Back at the precinct, Reed is informed Higgins was killed in the explosion. Reed is denied a place in the OCU, for now. Marcus is then informed he will be going back out on the street as a plainclothes cop while the department investigates Higgins' murder. As Reed resumes his duties, he is contacted by FBI agent Gabriel Whitting, who requests a meeting in a parking garage downtown. Whitting informs Reed a member of the OCU is a mole and likely organized Higgins' death. Whitting does not know who but does know the mole was working with four major crime syndicates: the Magdalena Cartel (a Colombian or Mexican drug cartel), the President's Club (parodying Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and his gang), the Palermo Mob (based on the Gambino crime family), and the Shadow Tong (an ancient Chinese gang taking slight themes from the original "True Crime: Streets of LA" game). Whitting wants Reed to investigate these four crime groups to track down Higgins' killer. After being given a folder with information on the Magdalena Cartel, Reed sets off on his mission of revenge. "

I got this game free from a friend, because they were bored of it...
Anyway i instantly fell in love with its realistic graphics, wide selection of vehicles and weaponry, good plot line, and basically grabbing movement through the game. The fights will keep you on the edge of your seat, or at least before dying throws you back, and knocks over your coffee table, staining your rug, then your dog licks the carpet, meanwhile your moving side-to-side to avoid the dog, and see the t.v, but the dogs not done, he really wants the rest of the soda. He finally moves only to reveal you've died again. You jump up from your seat, out of rage, and throw the sofa (takes deep breath), O.O yeah, its that intense. Although i enjoy every moment of this game, i don't suggest letting anyone under at least 15 play it, or have anyone under that age in the room at the time. It has graphic violence, gore, and adult language/situations.
The 'Collector's Edition' includes a kick-ass wall poster and a bonus DVD.
You should totally get this game, like seriously, right now, why are you even still here, go to ebay, right now, and buy it...ya i went there. 
You don't even have to take the time to bring up a new tab...heres the link...just click on it

 or right click on it...it's gonna be OK...

This game is going on my "Keep forever list"
I give it an overall rating of "0 NO HURT"

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